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When to Expect YOUR First Issue
Usually, your first magazine issue will start arriving within eight to sixteen weeks after we receive your order, but it does depend on the frequency of the magazine you've chosen and the publisher.
  • If the publication is a weekly, you should start to receive your first issue in approximately eight to ten weeks
  • Bi-weeklies and monthlies take approximately eight to sixteen weeks to start.
  • If the magazine publishes bi-monthly or quarterly, receipt of your first issue may take as long as twelve to twentysix weeks to start.

    Please be assured that these are standard industry lead times, but can vary from publisher to publisher.

  • Be assured , your subscription starts when you receive your first issue - not when you place your order. If you subscribed for 12 issues , you will receive all 12.

    Magazines are not like daily newspapers. For example , the January issue of a monthly magazine may complete it's printing in early December and enter the distribution channels soon after. ( That is why a January issue magazine will appear on the newstands in December ) The presses do not stop , as the January issue ships in December , portions of the February issue are already being printed. So , obviously , if you make your order in December , the EARLIEST issue possible would be the March or April issue.

    Usually , it takes 2 "publishing" cycles before your name is added to the publisher's mailing list. If the magazine you subscribe to publishes quarterly ( 4 times a year ) , that means that it only comes out every 3 months. Therefore , depending on when you order and when the next issue publishes , it can take up to 6 months ( 2 publishing cycles of 3 months each ) to receive your first issue.

    In this world of instant gratification , we realize that you are anxious to receive your first issue. Unfortunately , instant gratification is NOT possible with magazine subscriptions. They take time to begin. Remember , good things come to those that wait. Magazines are a Great value! On a per issue , delivered , cost - what other medium can compare?

  • Subscription Quantity:

    Only one subscription per individual magazine per address please. ( yes , you can order as many different magazines per address as you wish. But not the same magazine to the same address. If this is what you desire , please contact us first so that we can get approval. Thanks ) You can however , send the same magazine as a gift to as many individuals you want.

    Just choose the renewal option.

    Foreign Delivery
    Presently we only process orders that can go through the US Postal Service. That is , destined for U.S.A. addresses which includes the 50 states and territories like the U.S. Virgin Islands etc.

    For Worldwide Delivery , we suggest you Click here. They Offer The Lowest "Official" Price & Worldwide Delivery on Most Magazines.

    Cancellation / Exchange / Change of Address
    For our cancellation , exchange and Change of Address policies , please click here.

    Currently we can offer delivery to United States addresses only. Yes, this DOES include the territories and commonwealths.

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