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Yoga for EveryBody Magazine

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Yoga for EveryBody Magazine Subscription

Yoga for EveryBody Magazine

4 issues per year : Item # 4248
Yoga for EveryBody Magazine provides easy to understand and appealing instruction for both beginning and intermediate yoga enthusiasts. Yoga for EveryBody Magazine also addresses yoga of a gentle nature for seniors and those whose bodies don't fit the usual model for yoga practice. Each issue of Yoga for EveryBody Magazine includes detailed and fully illustrated articles on yoga asana , provided by highley respected yoga instructors. Yoga for EveryBody Magazine contains informational columns to introduce the novice yogi to the different schools of yoga and also features articles on how yoga helps to heal both emotional and physical conditions. Yoga for EveryBody Magazine profiles exceptional yoga instructors and also reviews new yoga gear in each issue.

Yoga for EveryBody Magazine has ceased publication

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