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Robb Report Worth Magazine

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Robb Report Worth Magazine Subscription

ROBB REPORT - Worth Magazine

12 issues per year : Item # 1070
Robb Report Worth Magazine provides individual investors with all the financial intelligence they need to manage, increase, and enjoy their wealth. Each issue of Worth Magazine includes expert advice on stocks, mutual funds, taxes, the economy, real estate and retirement, as well as a regular column from Peter Lynch.

Since its founding in 1992, Worth Magazine has pursued a singular editorial mission to provide successful, affluent Americans with fresh insight and intelligence that will help them better manage, enjoy and share their wealth. The magazine reflects the strong belief that money is simply a means to an end: a richer, fuller, more meaningful life.

Worth Magazine advances this philosophy of "well-rounded" wealth with its unique blend of financial and lifestyle journalism. Financial and business pieces focus on a broad range of topics that interest the active investor - from traditional stocks and mutual funds to the more esoteric alternative investing strategies, including real estate, hedge funds, and "angel" investing.

Worth Magazine's lifestyle focus celebrates the pleasures that come from discovering the finest tangible rewards money can buy. The October 2002 issue of Worth Magazine saw the debut of Self-Worth, a monthly section devoted to the softer side of money, with coverage of best-in-class vacations, connoisseurship, second homes, driving experiences, personal style, and Giving Well -- a monthly profile of one or more of America's most innovative benefactors.

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