Woodstrokes & Woodcrafts Magazine Subscription

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Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine Subscription

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Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine

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Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine Subscription

Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine

6 issues per year : Item # 1655
Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine features a wide selection of easy-to-finish projects ranging from craft fair novelties and decorative home accents, to useful housewares and wooden toys. WoodstrokesandWoodcrafts Magazine's decorative wood painting ideas inspire gift makers, small crafts business owners, and new painters alike, and an assortment of easy-to-build wood projects challenge weekend woodcrafters of all skill levels. WoodstrokesandWoodcraftsMagazine not only caters to the respective needs of painters and woodcrafters but also includes an overlapping section featuring woodworking projects that can be painted. All projects are accompanied by color, step-by-step photographs, how-to instructions, exploded perspective illustrations (when necessary) and full-size patterns.

Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine ceased publication in April of 2004.

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