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Walleye Insider Magazine Subscription

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Walleye Insider Magazine

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Walleye Insider Magazine Subscription

Walleye Insider Magazine

6 issues per year : Item # 4217
Walleye Insider Magazine is THE magazine for walleye fishermen. Each issue of Walleye Insider Magazine is edited by the world's top walleye anglers. Topics covered within Walleye Insider Magazine include the best walleye waters , the newest and best equipment such as tackles , boats and more. Walleye Insider Magazine is for those who are interested in the most cutting-edge walleye fishing techniques while protecting , enhancing and expanding the fishery. Walleye Insider Magazine also includes techniques and tips, tournament coverage and area evaluations.

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Walleye In-Sider Magazine has ceased publication

Hunting and Fishing Knives

For the Sportman
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#RCSKMXSTTS 14 - 1/2 Maxam Hunting Knife
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14 - 1/2" Hunting Knife with Sheath
Power and strength will be yours with this 14-1/2" Maxam® Hunting Knife with sheath. The razor sharp stainless steel blade measures 9" and will cut through animal hide like it was butter. The imitation wood handle, reminiscent of ancient pirate cutlasses, has been adorned with copper and rhinestones.
#RCSKSETTS Sportsman’s Collection
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“Sportsman’s Collection”
“Sportsman’s Collection” by Maxam®. This incredible outdoorsman’s 8 piece set will take the work out game or fish preparation. Whether it’s dove season or deer season, whether it’s bream or deep sea fishing, this set has the knife or shears to cut that tough job down to size. Includes skinning knife, cleaver, large hunting knife, medium hunting knife, keychain knife, game shears, 5-3/4" and 7-1/4" fish fillet knives.

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