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Turbo and High Tech Performance
Magazine Subscription

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Turbo and High Tech Performance Magazine Subscription

Turbo and High Tech Performance Magazine
Turbo & High Tech Performance magazine
has ceased publication

12 issues per year : Item # 2704

Turbo and High Tech Performance Magazine is the high-tech leader in the fast growing import performance and late model high-tech domestic market. Turbo and High Tech Performance Magazine is written for hard core enthusiasts who build high dollar street, strip or "total tuning" vehicles. Every issue of Turbo and High Tech Performance Magazine is packed with the latest technologies that allow today's smaller displacement, multi-valve engines to produce more horsepower per cubic inch than anything else on the planet! From basic bolt-ons to stand alone fuel injection, Turbo magazine has it all! Every month you get coverage of relentless dyno testing, extreme high-horsepower streetcars, multiple option tech articles and the best import drag racing coverage in the industry.

Turbo & High Tech Performance magazine has ceased publication
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