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Running Times Magazine

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Running Times Magazine

10 issues per year : Item # RTBD10
Running Times Magazine is edited to help runners improve their performance. Each issue of Running Times Magazine features a comprehensive events calendar and race results, as well as articles and columns on training, injury prevention, sports medicine, running apparel, and exercise physiology and nutrition. Running Times Magazine consistently provides great writing on the sport by runners for runners. RunningTimesMagazine is the dedicated runner's best source for expert information on training, racing, sports medicine, inspiration, news, profiles and more. Running Times magazine is the premier resource for dedicated runners. It offers cutting-edge advice on all facets of running, including training, nutrition, equipment, and sports medicine. It also provides comprehensive race results and listings of upcoming events. With a circulation of over 65,000, Running Times also offers insightful profiles of top athletes and intelligent and witty commentary on the sport, making it a rewarding, inspirational resource to every runner or athlete.

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