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GiftMaker Magazine
( formerly Quick and Easy Crafts Magazine )

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GiftMaker Magazine Subscription

GiftMaker Magazine
( formerly Quick and Easy Crafts Magazine )
GiftMaker Magazine has ceased publication.

12 issues per year : Item # 599

GiftMaker Magazine (formerly PaperWorks Magazine , Creative Crafter Magazine and Quick and Easy Crafts Magazine ), delivers step-by-step patterns from professional designers for high-quality handcrafts requiring minimal time and effort. Crafts include plastic canvas, cross-stitch, quilting, sewing, crocheting, floral designs, wood and paper crafts, simple painting techniques, tin punch, embroidery, etc. In each issue, several projects will be devoted to seasonal/holiday crafts. Each issue of Paper Works also includes a group of projects from one particular medium such as stenciling, rubber stamping, quilting, wearable art, home decor, Christmas crafts, etc. Regular features within GiftMaker include Crafting for Cash, Kids Crafts, Christmas Corner, Book Reviews, Product Review, Bulletin Board, Craft Calendar, and Tips and Techniques.

Cover Price: $21.00
for a one year 6 issue subscription

GiftMaker Magazine has ceased publication.
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