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Guideposts for Teens Magazine
Guideposts Sweet 16 Magazine

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Guideposts for Teens Magazine Subscription

Guideposts for Teens Magazine
has been renamed to
Guideposts Sweet 16 Magazine
Guideposts Sweet 16 Magazine has Ceased Publication

6 issues per year : Item # 2623
Guideposts For Teens Magazine contains true stories about real people and religious faith as told by teens in their own words. Guideposts For Teens Magazine includes inspirational true stories about overcoming life's obstacles that will strengthen a teen's faith. Guideposts For Teens Magazine addresses issue concerning teens such as dating and abstinence, family matters, and helpful information for teens preparing for college. In each issue of Guideposts For Teens Magazine readers will find fun and information quizzes, a celebrity Question and Answer section, and articles on spirituality, faith, music and giving back to the community.

Cover Price: $23.70
for a one year 6 issue subscription

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