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Electronic Gaming Monthly
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Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine Subscription

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine has ceased publication

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine

12 issues per year : Item # 908

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine presents the latest news, game reviews, hidden tricks and maps for the most exciting new games on Gameboy , Game Gear , Genesis , Jaguar , Neo-Geo video, Nintendo 64 , PlayStation , Saturn and SuperNEW video game systems. ElectronicGamingMonthlyMagazine is a must for the serious gamer! Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine is The Gamer's Bible. The core gamer is avid, skeptical, well-informed and very, very influential. The core gamer gets the hot new games and consoles first. Most importantly, he tells his friends what to buy, what's cool and what sucks. He's the trendsetter who leads because he's the best informed. And his influence extends far beyond his own hard-won dollars. The core gamer reads Electronic Gaming Monthly because EGM is the authority on video gaming. The heart and soul of the modern gaming magazine is the review, and EGM's are legendary. They are the most respected and credible in the industry that's why EGM has the biggest circulation of any multi-platform video game mag. But it's not the only reason. EGM understands the motivation of the gamer and his viewpoint and creates a magazine that speaks to the lifestyle. It's all presented in easy, accessible, inclusive voice that appeals to the core without excluding the less invested. In essence, Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine is the most powerful video gaming magazine because it influences the influencers.

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine has ceased publication
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