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Custom Classic Trucks Magazine Subscription

Custom Classic Trucks Magazine

12 issues per year : Item # 1169D12

Custom Classic Trucks Magazine focuses on cosmetic and performance restoration of American-manufactured vintage pickups, panels, and sedan deliveries through 1988. Focused on past generations of full-size American trucks, Custom Classic Trucks magazine provides extensive coverage of parts and services. The subject matter of Custom Classic Trucks Magazine ranges from highly detailed restorations to one-of-a-kind, fully hot-rod projects. Story types in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine include technical articles, historical reviews, step-by-step photo essays, features on classic trucks, and coverage of the top vintage truck events from around the nation. Regular departments offer tips on body repair, paint techniques, engine and transmission selections, and similar technical data. Every issue of Custom Classic Trucks Magazine takes a hands-on approach by giving step-by-step pictorial customizing tips as well as featuring readers' projects. Custom Classic Trucks magazine is the only publication that speaks to both rodders and hard-core truck builders.

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CUSTOM CLASSIC TRUCKS MAGAZINE has ceased publication.
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