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Chile Pepper Magazine

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Chile Pepper Magazine Subscription

Chile Pepper Magazine

6 issues per year : Item # 3941
Chile Pepper Magazine is written for those people who have a taste for hot foods from around the world. Each issue of ChilePepper Magazine features a wealth of recipes, and guides the reader through Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, as well as the Cajun, Texan and Southwestern cuisine of the U.S. in search of the liveliest of spicy foods. Chile Pepper Magazine tells you where are the best restaurants for spicy foods in different cities? Which celebrities share your love of the chile? Here’s where you’ll find out. America's premier hot and spicy food magazine features the latest in fiery food destinations, hot chef profiles, sizzling recipes, and even gardening tips, to the most on-fire fan of this hottest of peppers. If you love spicy foods , then ChilePepperMagazine is a must!

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