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Annies Favorite Crochet Magazine

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Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine Subscription

Annies Favorite Crochet Magazine

Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine has now merged with Crochet World Magazine - (click here)
as of the August 2007 issue.

Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine is overflowing with the best and the brightest new crochet projects and designs with over a dozen original patterns in each issue. In addition to the easy-to-follow instructions and crystal-clear photographs, each issue of Annies Favorite Crochet Magazine features such popular sections as "Christmas Creations"; a Special Stitches section designed for crocheters who want to expand their crafting know-how; the "Gifts Galore" feature that makes it easy to find that perfect gift, and a"Quick Crochet" sampler that offers a variety of simple designs that can be completed in no time! The glorious art of crochet is suddenly new again!

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