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Young Rider Magazine Subscription

Young Rider Magazine

About Young Rider Magazine

Young Rider magazine is an equestrian magazine for young riders that teaches them how to ride and look after their horses properly. Young Rider Magazine is packed with features, facts, photos, and fun stuff about horses and ponies. Young Rider magazine teaches children about horse health and care, grooming tips, interesting breeds and famous horses, showring secrets, and how to improve their riding skills. In each issue of Young Rider magazine you will find articles featuring riding instruction, horse health and care information and horse interest features. Plus, every issue of Young Rider magazine also includes a breed profile, a quiz, a puzzle page, celebrity rider interviews, a pen pal section and reader pictures and contributions, as weel as three or more colorful posters to collect. Young Rider magazine is geared towards kids ages 8 through 15.

Regular Departments in each issue of Young Rider Magazine include:
  • Pony Pen Pals: Make horsey friends!
  • Horsey Happenings: Readers find out what's going on in the horse world.
  • Horse and Pony Problems: Readers' questions answered - help for a horsey hassle.
  • Short Story: Entertaining fictional stories that readers can relate to.
  • Western Lessons and English Lessons: Tips to improve your riding.
  • Ask Dr. Julie: Veterinarian Dr. Julie Fox answers readers' horsey health questions.
  • Me & My Horse: Pictures of the readers and their horses.
  • Posters: Three posters of beautiful horses and ponies in every issue.
  • Features: Each information packed issue of Young Rider Magazine includes: English and Western training articles to help you become a better rider, advice from the best riders and trainers to help you with common problems, tips on everything from grooming to feeding, and spotlights on inspirational equestrians. Recent feature topics in Young Rider Magazine include deworming tips, trailering your horse, camp guide, horsey summer jobs, and making your own horse treats.

    Contributors to Young Rider Magazine:
    The editors and writers of Young Rider Magazine are equestrians themselves, each skilled in riding and keeping horses. They are passionate about the lifestyle in the same way the readers of Young Rider Magazine are, and they share their extensive knowledge with the Young Rider magazine readers to help ensure their riding experience is the best that it can be.

    Magazine Layout of Young Rider Magazine:
    Young Rider magazine contains articles that are easy to understand and read, and every page features color pictures showing kids riding and looking after their horses and ponies. Young Rider Magazine is designed to be fun and interactive. Every issue of Young Rider Magazine includes at least three beautiful posters.

    Comparisons to Other Magazines:
    While other equestrian publications are filled with clinical articles, Young Rider magazine seeks to educate and entertain. Young Rider magazine strives to make riding an enjoyable experience for young riders of all abilities. Each issue of Young Rider magazine is filled with fun facts, quizzes, games, and opportunities to win prizes. Young Rider magazine is the only equestrian publication in the United States specifically for children. Readers of Young Rider magazine also get exclusive subscribers only access to our website forums.

    Advertising in Young Rider magazine is relevant to the magazine, offering products and services that would be of interest to young horse and pony lovers. An Ad Index is included in each issue of Young Rider magazine featuring the page number of the advertiser and the website url.

    Awards earned by Young Rider Magazine:
    The United States Equestrian Foundation, the national governing body for equestrian sport in the United States, has recognized Young Rider Magazine for excellence with a Pegasus Award for Media as Overall Publication of the year in 2007.

    Young Rider magazine entertains pony mad youngsters with a fun filled mixture of riding tips, horse care hints, celebrity features, penpal pages, contests and three or more beautiful color posters. Aimed at horse owning preteens, and horseless riding school kids, Young Rider magazine's goal is to teach young people how to look after their horses properly and how to improve their riding skills safely.
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