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Reptiles Magazine Subscription

Reptiles Magazine

12 issues per year : Item # 0749I12

About Reptiles Magazine

Reptiles Magazine is a comprehensive all-in-one guide to the successful care and keeping of reptiles and amphibians for reptile and amphibian owners and enthusiasts. Every monthly issue of Reptiles Magazine contains a variety of informative articles from expert herpetologists on reptiles species, natural history, captive health care,nutrition, breeding, diet, caging and veterinary topics, reptile conservation, reptile-related human interest stories, health and product reviews, fascinating, full-color photos and much more!

What You Can Expect in Each Issue of Reptiles Magazine:
  • Herp Queries
  • Who's Who in Reptiles
  • Reptile Retailer Spotlight
  • Breeder's Choice
  • Herp Kidz
  • Reptile Breeder Directory
  • Living with Reptiles
  • Vet Q&A
  • Herp Happenings
  • Features: Covering a broad range of topics which will entice both the professional and hobbyis. Popular topics have included "10 Steps to the Ideal Poison Frog Terrarium," "Top Care for Tokay Gecko Morphs," "Costa Rican Herping Adventure," "Breeding Exciting Bearded Dragon Morphs," "Your Green Iguana Guide," and "Prized Pythons."

    Contributors to Reptiles Magazine:
    Each article in Reptiles Magazine includes a contributor biography. The range is wide, but their passion for reptiles unites them. Some of them are book authors, professional herpetologists, herpetoculturists, zooarchaeologists, breeders, and veterinarians.

    Magazine Layout of Reptiles Magazine:
    Reptiles Magazine has a bold , visually appealing layout with engaging articles illustrated by vivid photographs that capture readers’ attention from cover to cover. Readers of Reptiles Magazine will find a centerfold reptile poster in every issue and a listing of expos and events.

    Advertisers in Reptiles Magazine include leading reptile lighting, caging, food, décor and other reptile product manufacturers; reptile show organizers; reptile breeders; and others.

    Reptiles Magazine is the only monthly U.S. magazine devoted to the pet reptile hobby. Reptiles Magazine's appeal is broad, with features to interest everyone, from the novice hobbyist to professional reptile industry members. Reptiles Magazine has endured and has also spawned a popular companion website, Your all-in-one guide to the successful care and keeping of reptiles and amphibians. Reptiles Magazine appeals to both professional and hobbyist with expert articles about keeping and breeding reptiles and amphibians, veterinary issues, the latest news in the herpetological world and stories from the field.

    Reptiles Magazine is for the professional and hobbyist. Readers of Reptiles Magazine will benefit from beautiful photography, expertly written articles and eye-catching layouts to guide them through the purchase and care of reptiles and amphibians. Subscribers of Reptiles Magazine have unlimited access to, where you will find in-depth species profiles, active member forums, information on reptile health and breeding, and the opportunity to join Club Reptile.

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