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Horse Illustrated
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Horse Illustrated Magazine Subscription

Horse Illustrated Magazine

12 issues per year : Item # 3664I12

About Horse Illustrated Magazine

Award winning Horse Illustrated Magazine is your complete source to help you better care for and enjoy your horse. Horse Illustrated magazine promotes sensible, intelligent horse management through informative and entertaining articles. Written for responsible, caring horse owners, every monthly issue of Horse Illustrated magazine covers health care, medical, nutrition and behavior, English and western training, tips on grooming, stable equipment and tack, in depth profiles of different horse breeds , the latest news and information about the horse industry, and much more! Readers of Horse Illustrated Magazine also enjoy the colorful centerfold poster and get expert advice on how to improve their riding skills.

Regular Departments in each issue of Horse Illustrated Magazine include:
  • Barn Buzz: A humorous look at the life of a horse enthusiast.
  • Trail Guide: Expert advice for trail riders.
  • English Arena: English riding tips, training and related information.
  • Western Roundup: Western riding tips, training, and more.
  • Vet Files: Horse health updates plus your questions answered by veterinarians.
  • Making Headlines: The latest news and trends in the equine world.
  • HI Answers: Solutions to horse problems of all types, from a panel of equine experts. Interviews with top riders and equestrian celebrities, plus the latest products, trends and news from around the horse world.

    Each information packed issue of Horse Illustrated Magazine features articles like in-depth training articles for English and western riding disciplines, special-interest features, comprehensive health care and grooming articles, breed profiles and expert advice offering new and current horse owners tips on taking care of their horse. Recent feature topics of Horse Illustrated Magazine include: fuel-efficient towing, jumping tune-up exercises, trail course tips for western riders, smooth-gaited breeds, and how to build a safe stall from the ground up.

    Contributors to Horse Illustrated Magazine:
    The lifestyles of the Horse Illustrated magazine editorial staff mirror those of their readers. Being horse owners themselves, editors and contributors are dedicated to providing quality coverage of the equine world. Contributors to Horse Illustrated Magazine are experts in their field and include authors, trainers and veterinarians: Sharon Biggs, Pat & Linda Parelli, Annie Eldridge, Cindy Hale, Toni McAllister, Jennifer Nice, Laura Riley DVM, and Dale Rudin.

    Magazine Layout of Horse Illustrated Magazine:
    Horse Illustrated magazine is information driven. Feature articles in Horse Illustrated magazine are complemented by beautiful four color photography. "How To" articles include helpful step by step photos or illustrations. Each breed profile comes with a gorgeous pull-out poster.

    Comparisons to Other Magazines:
    Horse Illustrated magazine has the industry's most comprehensive editorials. Readers turn to one publication - Horse Illustrated Magazine - over other "niche" publications for a wide range of special columns and features instead of buying three separate magazines to cover English riding, Western riding, and health care. Comprehensive coverage of equine health, nutrition, grooming, and all aspects of horse care helps keep your horse in top shape. Everyday training difficulties, sporting across the world, medical milestones, and functional equestrian fashion; you can expect to find it all in Horse Illustrated magazine.

    Advertising in Horse Illustrated magazine is relevant to the magazine, offering products and services that all horse enthusiasts will be interested in. An Ad Index is included in each issue featuring the page number of the advertiser.

    Awards earned by Horse Illustrated Magazine:
    The United States Equestrian Foundation, the national governing body for equestrian sport in the United States, has recognized Horse Illustrated magazine for excellence with a Pegasus Award for Media as Equestrian Publication of the Year in 2004 and following up with an honorable mention in the same category in 2005.

    Horse Illustrated magazine serves hands on horse owners by promoting the best in horse care, riding, and training. Horse Illustrated magazine is the premier monthly source of all-breed, all-discipline equine information, including expert English and western training advice, competitive insight, important medical updates, tips for better horsekeeping and care, and comprehensive coverage of equine health and nutrition as well as breed profiles, news and lifestyle features for equestrians.

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