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Cat Fancy
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Cat Fancy Magazine Subscription
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Cat Fancy Magazine

12 issues per year : Item # 0195I12

About Cat Fancy Magazine

Cat Fancy Magazine is written for the devoted responsible cat owner looking for information related to the health and well-being of their cat. Cat Fancy Magazine is devoted to helping cat lovers care for their best friends. Readers of Cat Fancy Magazine have a strong devotion, passion and knowledge for their roles as responsible care givers. They read Cat Fancy magazine for news and expert advice that offers ways to help new and current owners take even better care of their cats while building a stronger relationship. Cat Fancy magazine provides special feature articles on health, training and grooming. Each issue of Cat Fancy magazine profiles a specific breed of cats and includes how-to articles, advice from experts and entertaining reader anecdotes.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue of Cat Fancy Magazine:
Regular Departments in Cat Fancy Magazine include:
  • From Our Readers - focuses on reader interaction
  • Ask The Vet - the latest health, care, behavior and training information
  • Lifestyle - provides readers with the information they need to make the most of their interactions with their cats
  • Advocacy and Rescue - Features a rescue kitty of the month
  • Health and Care - Health news and natural approaches
  • Cat Calendar - lists upcoming cat shows and dates
  • Cats For Kids - dedicated to the young feline enthusiast
  • Features: Feature articles in Cat Fancy Magazine focus on the latest in health innovations, diet and nutrition, grooming, cat and owner interaction, general news and current events, safety, humane concerns including rescue information, breed profiles, cat and children, litter and pest control. Recent articles focused on large cat conservation, how to care for the aging cat and the 12 most dangerous things your cat should never consume.

    Contributors to Cat Fancy Magazine:
    Cat Fancy Magazine editors and contributors are cat lovers just like their readers. Contributing writers include renowned veterinarians, cat behavioralists and the top cat writers. They are the experts in the field and include Sandy Robbins, an award-winning pet lifestyle expert; Helen Jablonski, a feline behavior consultant; Arnold Plotnick, DVM; and Cimeron Morrissey, Animal Planet's Cat Hero of the Year.

    Magazine Layout of Cat Fancy Magazine:
    Cat Fancy magazine is information driven and provides opportunity for reader interaction. The features in Cat Fancy Magazine are complemented by beautiful four-color photography. Every issue of Cat Fancy Magazine includes a fold-out poster featuring a breed of the month. Lots of sidebars are included that provide useful information in an easy-to-read and reference format.

    Comparisons to Other Magazines:
    Cat Fancy magazine provides the most trusted and credible information on cats anywhere. Cat Fancy Magazine personality is engaging, easy-to-digest, clear, concise, friendly, nuturing, trusted and supportive. With the largest circulation of any cat publication, Cat Fancy magazine acts as the comprehensive resource for owners throughout their cat's lifetime. Sixty-nine percent of Cat Fancy Magazine readers pass their monthly issues to other readers - they are very involved enthusiasts.

    Advertising in Cat Fancy Magazine is relevant to the magazine, offering products and services that cat fanciers will be interested in. Advertisers include manufacturers of food and treats, carriers, flea and tick medications, litter and litterboxes, toys and accessories and gifts for cat lovers.

    Awards earned by Cat Fancy Magazine:
    CAT FANCY MAGAZINE received 15 Certificates of Excellence at the Cat Writers' Association 15th Annual Awards Banquet. Cat Fancy Magazine was also awarded five Muse Medallions, the CWA's top honor, and received a special award, the Pro Plan Pedigreed Cats Award.

    Product Description of Cat Fancy Magazine
    Your complete guide to help you better understand, care for and enjoy your cat. Celebrating the human-feline bond, Cat Fancy Magazine provides responsible cat owners with the information they need to help their cats live long, healthy lives. Share the learning experiences and spcial stories of cat lovers just like you and get a colorful centerfold poster in each issue of Cat Fancy Magazine.

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